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Preparing for September’s releases

  • The first in-depth regional report into California will be published this week. 
  • Previews of next month’s La Place de Bordeaux releases are also coming. 
  • The Liv-ex 2021 Classification will be published next week. 

September’s release schedule continues to expand as more wineries continue to choose La Place de Bordeaux to grow their global distribution. 

Where Bordeaux dominates the late spring and early summer, so Italian, North and South American and other labels have honed in on early to mid-September for their new vintage releases. 

As the market continues to broaden and diversify, these new releases, their critical appraisal and performance in the secondary market, grows in stature. 

With this is mind, the next two weeks of editorial content on Liv-ex is firmly geared towards providing insight into these new releases and their place in the market. 

California here we come 

Liv-ex members should keep a particularly sharp eye out for our first regional market report on the wines of California. 

Due to be published this Wednesday 18th August, the report goes into detail about the developing secondary market for Californian wines, the leading labels traded by volume and value, top price-performers and much more. 

It is an indispensable insight into the fine wine market’s leading non-European region. 

La Place previews 

Throughout the week a series of posts will preview the coming releases from La Place. These will deal in turn with the wines from Italy, the New World and ex-cellar programmes from Château Latour and Château Palmer as well as the first Spanish wine to be launched via Bordeaux. 


And finally, next week will see the publication of the 2021 Liv-ex Classification, sorting the world’s leading fine wine labels by price from fifth to first tier brands. 

Continuing the trend of market diversity there are a host of brand new qualifiers in this year’s list and there have been some surprising changes from the 2019 Classification.