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LIVE opportunities: new wines enter Liv-ex

A Pinot Grigio from Valdadige in Italy, the Gusbourne Pinot Noir 2018 and nearly 50 new wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy combined have been traded on Liv-ex for the first time ever. This month alone, roughly 130 wines that have never seen secondary market activity found bidders, as the secondary market broadens in new ways.

March has surpassed November 2020 as the broadest month of Liv-ex trade on record, after the 1,250th distinct wine was traded on the exchange yesterday, 25th March. Just 15 months ago, there were just 600 or so distinct wines trading each month.

When vintage is factored in, a total of 2,284 distinct wines have changed hands.

New opportunities to trade

Since 2010, Bordeaux trade share has been on the decline — yet the region is not out of favour. It remains the most bid-on region and holds the highest bid-to-offer ratio, a sign of positive sentiment. What has happened is simply that the overall market volume of trade has risen.

Burgundy and Italy have been on the rise in the past five years, growing to take a 20% and 17% of market share by value respectively.

Although making up a much smaller share, the USA and Rest of the World (ROW) have seen some of the largest growth and now regularly find their wines among the top that are traded each week.

Champagne and the Rhône have kept their relatively consistent share of trade for the past five years but, like the broader market, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of different labels from both regions that are trading. The regions are both trading 80% more wines a month than they were at the start of 2020.

Take a look at the most traded wines of the past week in our Opportunities Grid. A bundle of Italian wines are in the lead, followed by Bordeaux 2019 and Bordeaux 2010.

Our Opportunities Grids are member led and help split the thousands of LIVE bids and offers into more digestible pieces. Go and have a peek.

Liv-ex Opportunities Grids

Chart 1: Regional trade share by value