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LIVE opportunities: what trades on the weekend

After the UK went into its first lockdown on 23 March 2020 and the lines between weekdays and weekends became increasingly blurred, we observed a shift towards increased weekend trade.

Following an initial spike this activity declined very slightly as the rules were relaxed over the summer. With the return of much tighter government guidance over the autumn and winter, however, buying on the weekend once again ramped up, as seen in the chart above.

According to the latest Silicon Valley Bank analysis, many of the changes in consumer buying habits are here to stay (State of the Wine Industry Report, Page 23). The first quarter of weekend activity through your exchange in 2021 would certainly support this thesis.

Most recently, the news of the postponement of US-EU tariffs on Friday 5 March, gave that weekend’s trade a huge boost – trade by value was roughly four times that of the start of the year. While the focus then was chiefly on Bordeaux, what we have observed since the start of 2021 has been slightly different, as seen in the chart below.

Italy has been one main benefactor of weekend trade, with its largest weekend representing 46.2% of total trade by value. Burgundy has also seen success; its highest weekend was 44% of trade by value. The US too has seen strong weekend trading, its biggest share was 24.4% of total trade.

What does this all mean?

By having stock LIVE over the weekend, you increase the chance of making a sale at a time when you might otherwise not. Buyers are no longer restricted to weekday trading. With your exchange open at all times, you can make your stock work much harder accessing 500+ members across 40+ countries, and their customers.

Highlighted below is a Liv-ex opportunities page requested by many of you – large volume offers. This highlights all LIVE offers over 20 cases with many below or at Market Price.

Large volume offers (20 cases or more)