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LIVE opportunities: weekend trade reaches new heights in 2021

Liv-ex is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, allowing access to £80m of LIVE opportunities at a moment’s notice. Unlike most mainstream financial exchanges this allows trading to take place over the weekend, which members seem to be enjoying more and more. Indeed, weekend trade is a trend that has gathered considerable momentum since the summer of 2020 and continues apace in 2021.

Seen in the chart below, the two-month rolling average of weekend trade has hit an all-time high. Three out of the past four weekends were above the highest weekend of 2019. The key to successful weekend trade is LIVE offers. These offers are reflected globally through individual member’s websites allowing their customers to browse and shop while the office is closed. This service is made possible through automation, otherwise known as Direct Market Access (DMA).

This means that not only do the LIVE offers get seen by over 500 Liv-ex members, but also their clients, giving selling members an unparalleled, risk free route to market. In short, putting stock LIVE for the weekend ensures your stock remains at work while you rest.

The most popular wines of the week can be found in our new opportunities page – Most traded. The newly released Sassicaia 2018 currently leads the table. This release marked Tenuta San Guido’s 50th anniversary of the wine.

Champagne, Rose, Bordeaux blue-chips and other Super Tuscans all feature on the list.

Most traded wines of the past week