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Bollinger releases 2007 R.D.

Champagne house Bollinger has released the 2007 vintage of its R.D. cuvee at £1,250 per dozen SIB.

The new vintage release also sees a return to a more retro label design.

As part of the re-design for its late-release vintage, Bollinger has reintroduced a metal label, the font used for the original 1952 vintage and the disgorgement date (R.D. was the first Champagne to include the disgorgement date on its packaging).

2007 is not a particularly acclaimed vintage in Champagne especially when compared to the 2008 which followed it but Bollinger appears to be an exception.

The Wine Advocate’s William Kelley called it “eagerly awaited”, while Champagne expert Richard Juhlin said: “2007 is in most hands a weak and diluted vintage that I normally avoid. The exception is…Bollinger.”

Kelley called it, “full-bodied, vibrant and incisive”, Juhlin said it was “an unusually fine-tuned classic”, while Antonio Galloni said the tricky growing season meant it was, “driven by more focus, energy and tension,” than followers might be used to.

Juhlin scored it 95-points, while it received 97 from both Kelley and Galloni who both remarked on its capacity for further ageing as well.

Despite being highly regarded and released in small quantities, Bollinger’s R.D. tends to be something of a slow burn in the secondary market. As such, releases show a very close correlation between market price and age.