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LIVE opportunities: demand for smaller regions has doubled in 2021

The value of LIVE bids on the exchange for wines outside of Bordeaux and Burgundy is currently at £7m – nearly double that of this time last year – as demand for smaller regions continues to rise.

The Rhone, United States, Champagne, and Rest of the World (ROW) have all seen the largest increases in share, seen in the chart above.

Meanwhile, Bordeaux’s share of LIVE bids has held stable year-on-year, but, in real terms, the value of that demand is up 40% (see graphic below).

In fact, the value of LIVE bids has increased across the board. The Rest of the World has seen the largest uplift in bid value (+194.5%). It’s then followed closely by the Rhone and the United States, up 168.9% and 128.3%, respectively.

In our 2020-member survey, we asked members, “what would you like to see change in the secondary market?” There was a general desire for a broader array of wines. So far in 2021, we’ve seen just that.

The large demand for the ROW and broadening scope of traditional regions means we’ve seen nearly 50% more unique wines traded in 2021 when compared to the equivalent period in 2020.

(Did you know that with recent advancements in LWIN you can now search for wines based on country, region, sub-region, site, or parcel?)

Gigondas in the Rhone? Yes, 20 LIVE offers.

Rutherford in the Napa Valley? Yes, 13 LIVE offers.

Barolo in Piedmont? Yes, 644 LIVE offers.

You can break down the array of LIVE offers on the exchange using the regional links above or head directly to the exchange and start your own search using the link below.

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