LIVE opportunities: the best ever start for Champagne

Champagne is off to a hot start in 2021. It’s month-to-date market share currently stands at 8.7%, the highest ever for the month of January. This follows the recent Nielson data that found annual retail sales of Champagne by volume was up 3% to end of 2020. And in terms of value growth, sales were up 8%.

While Nielson data doesn’t fully capture the fine wine portion of Champagne, our Champagne 50 index does. Tracking eleven of the top Champagnes, the index rose 7.79% over one year to December 2020, with the majority of those gains coming post the Spring lockdown.

Distinct Champagne LWIN11s (wine and vintage) traded are at the highest they’ve ever been for January and there is still just over a week left in the month. The regions bid:offer ratio stands at 0.87 (usually a bid:offer ratio over 0.50 points to positive sentiment in the market).

2008 remains the vintage most coveted. Dom Perignon 2008 is the most traded wine by value and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2008 is the most by volume.

There are over £2.3m in LIVE Champagne offers and just over £2m in bids. Attached below is a link to Champagne activity. With Spring just around the corner (honest, Guv!) it is well worth a look.

All LIVE Champagne activity