Bordeaux 500 sub-indices: 2020 update

The Bordeaux 500 has been set adrift since late 2018, decreasing 3.41% over the past year alone (flat year-to-date). The broader market, as tracked by the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 is also down, albeit marginally less at 3.24% over a year and also flat year-to-date. Bordeaux has underperformed against Champagne and Italy over the past year but is far outpacing Burgundy which has fallen behind over the past 18 months.

None of the Bordeaux 500 sub-indices are positive over a one-year period but from early 2020 there has been a semblance of recovery – four out of six sub-indices are positive year-to-date

Over one year, the Sauternes 50 has fallen the least, down just 2.66%, followed by the Fine Wine 50 (-3.15%). The Fine Wine 50, which tracks the First Growths, has posted the largest bounce, up 5.12% from its low in March.

The Second Wines 50 dipped 3.32% and the Left Bank 200 dipped 3.94%. The wines of the Right Bank have fallen the most, with the Right Bank 50 and Right Bank 100 down 6.49% and 7.55% respectively.

The top performing Bordeaux wine on a brand level (LWIN7) is Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte (3.47%), from the Left Bank 200. It is followed closely by Chateau Rieussec (2.32%) from the Sauternes 50 and Chateau Troplong Mondot from the Right Bank 100. The Top 10 brands from the Bordeaux 500 are shown below: