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Mission Haut Brion 2019 released

Mission Haut Brion 2019 has been released at €180 per bottle ex-négociant, down 28.6% on the 2018 release price (€252). The wine is being offered at £2,256 per 12×75, a 24.8% decrease from the 2018 release of £3000 a case.

Mission Haut Brion found favour from both James Suckling (99-100) and Lisa Perrotti-Brown (98-100). Suckling explained the 2019 is “another WOW wine that reminds me of some of the great classics of this estate, such as the 1955.” Perrotti-Brown added, “a wine of impeccable breeding, both decadently flamboyant and proactively graceful,” noting an alcohol level of 14.5%.

Jean Marc-Quarin awarded 94-95.

Prices for Mission Haut Brion show 78% correlation to ‘Benchmark Critic’ scores. Based on today’s release price, a score of 96.5 from Neal Martin would make the wine fair value.

For followers of Suckling and Perrotti-Brown, today’s release price sits well below the fair value line.

Buyers looking for additional bottle age, the 2012 and 2014 vintage appear of good value and are far below the high prices paid for the top wines.

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