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Press release: The fine wine market in 2019

2019 was a mixed year for the fine wine market: the first half was marked by well-received Burgundy 2017 and Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur campaigns and steady secondary market prices. But in the second half, the market was hit by intensifying headwinds: added to the persistent Brexit uncertainty were the US-China trade war, political and economic strife in Hong Kong, and most recently, the introduction of US tariffs on European wines.

As a result, the Liv-ex indices, denominated in sterling, dipped: the Liv-ex 50, which tracks the performance of the First Growths, suffered the most (-3.6%), while the industry benchmark, the Liv-ex 100, fell 2.5%. More positively, 2019 saw an increase in liquidity, as technology continued to connect the market players, leading to a broader and deeper pool of wines traded.

Key findings:

  • Fine wine prices fall in 2019 as the market faces persistent headwinds
  • Liquidity builds as the value of bids and offers surpasses £70million
  • Successful Burgundy and Bordeaux En Primeur campaigns
  • The relentless rise of Burgundy prices halters, while Italy and Champagne drive the broader market
  • The impact of technology: record number of wines trading

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