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The Liv-ex Classification 2019 is a league table that ranks the wines of the world by their average trade prices on Liv-ex, the global marketplace for the wine trade. Based on the transactional activity of the world’s largest pool of fine wine merchants, it reflects the changing buying patterns of the trade today.

Back in 2009, Liv-ex was inspired by the historical Bordeaux Classification – which was based on price – to create our first classification by applying a similar methodology in the modern day. The Liv-ex Classification of 2009, therefore, ranked the wines of the Left Bank solely on the price that each wine was worth at the time. Since then, we have updated our findings every other year to reflect changing conditions of the market, publishing additional classifications in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.

This year, wines from nine countries qualified for the classification: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France (Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, the Loire and the Rhone), Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States. By comparison, wines from six countries qualified in 2017.

Among the 1st tier there were also two wines from Australia, three from Italy, two from the Rhone, one from Spain and four from the United States. We also had one new entrant from Bordeaux’s Right Bank, that had not qualified in previous years, which jumped straight into the 1st tier category.

To find out which wine it was, and see which wines have risen, fallen, and entered the classification for the first time, download your copy of the report using the form below.