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En Primeur Report: Bordeaux 2018 – A perplexing vintage

By June 26, 2019Bordeaux 2018

2018 has been described as an ‘exceptional’ vintage. Average prices were comparable to the much admired 2016 vintage. Sales have increased 60% by value on 2017, surpassing the levels achieved for the 2015 vintage. On the surface, the 2018 campaign has been successful. But the picture for collectors is more complex; with wide variances in release prices, in critic scores, in merchant buying strategies…and so too in availability and attractiveness for collectors.

In Liv-ex’s concluding report on this year’s campaign, we consider:

    • How have diverging critics scores affected prices and sales?
    • What has been the impact on the secondary market?
    • Which releases represent ‘fair value’ and why?
    • What is likely to affect future market prices?