Introducing Liv-ex Automation Services

We are delighted to announce the launch of Liv-ex Automation Services. Neil Taylor – our Director of Automation – will be hosting two webinars, one on Wednesday 20th March at 4pm GMT and another on Thursday 21st March at 9am GMT, to present this opportunity and answer any questions. If you would like to attend please sign up here.

What is Liv-ex Automation?

Liv-ex Automation allows you to automate your interactions with Liv-ex. This means that rather than coming to the Liv-ex website to access our services, you can check prices, value customer reserves, offer Liv-ex stock to your clients, sell your own stock or fulfil trades all from your own system or website. No re-keying, risk of double selling or requirement to switch between systems.

How does this work?

The technology that makes this work is known collectively as APIs (Application Programming Interface). APIs allow Liv-ex’s platform to communicate seamlessly with your system or website, without any need for human intervention. See this useful video on APIs here.

What is currently possible?

Simply put, our services can be tailored to your requirements, but early adopters have automated the following activities:

  • Sell your stock – automatically upload your stock list to Liv-ex and keep positions in sync with your stock system in real time. This removes the risk of double selling, time consuming data entry and makes your offers available to a global audience 24/7
  • Expand your offering – compliment your stock list with many thousands of competitive real time offers from Liv-ex. Increase sales and visibility in the market with minimal investment in staff or working capital
  • Find trading opportunities – bring real-time price information from Liv-ex into your own system to more easily spot buying and selling opportunities, to price up customer cellars or keep your stock list accurately priced
  • Automate fulfilment and customer reserves – automate core logistics functions like delivery instructions, pre-advices or the managing of your customer reserves with Liv-ex, reducing admin expense and rekeying errors

Feedback from early adopters of Liv-ex Automation

  • Fast return on tech investment
  • Substantial increase in orders with no added staff or working capital
  • Increased visibility online and rapid growth in customer acquisition
  • Quick turnaround on valuations and more engaged customers
  • Substantial logistics savings due to reduced data entry, error rates and shorter lead times

Customer support

Liv-ex has a dedicated team to support this activity and works with a growing number of developers and system integrators. To find out how to connect, please email or sign up to Neil’s webinar here.