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Bordeaux – “Off” vintages charge ahead

By November 22, 2018Bordeaux, Fine Wine Market

Over the past three years, prices for all Bordeaux vintages from 2003 to 2013 have made strong gains. The mean increase of these 11 vintages is 41%. Still, there is a noticeable trend among the best performers: off-vintage Bordeaux wines have risen the most.

The vintages that have risen the most are also the cheapest. The 2013s, which have been the best performers (+53%), carry the lowest price tag on average. They are followed by the 2012s and 2011s, which have risen by 49% and 48% respectively.

At the same time, the great but costlier vintages, 2005, 2009 and 2010, have risen the least. The 2009s – up a respectable 29% – have been the slowest movers.

The table above shows which wines of the Bordeaux 500 index have risen the most. Second wines from cheaper vintages have led the charge.

Carruades Lafite 2013 is the top performer, managing an increase of 177% over the past five years. On Monday, the wine traded on Liv-ex at £2,600 per 12×75, just below its current Market Price.

The only wine from a “great” vintage is Petit Mouton 2010, which has climbed steadily in the past two years. It last traded on Liv-ex at £2,320 per 12×75. In 2015, it was trading at around £1,050 per 12×75.

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