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Champagne – a market without bubbles – report coming

By September 25, 2018Champagne, Fine Wine Market

Next week, Liv-ex will be releasing an in-depth report on the development of the Champagne market over the past decade.

The analysis will draw on the Liv-ex Champagne 50 index, which tracks the performance of the most recently physical vintages for 12 Champagne. The report will look at the market’s constituents, explore key trends and discuss price determinants.

As the chart above illustrates, there has been a steady increase in both Champagne’s trade share and the number of distinct Champagnes trading. Back in 2011, at the peak of the Bordeaux bubble, Champagne only accounted for 1% of the market trade share. Currently, it stands at 8%. This rise further reflects the breadth and depth of the wines trading in the secondary market.

Notably, the market is moving towards Champagne wine as an investment. To read our analysis when the full report is out, please subscribe here: