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Liv-ex wins Supply Chain Initiative award for the third year in a row

By May 24, 2018Fine Wine Market

Liv-ex is pleased to announce that it has won the drinks business 2018 Supply Chain Initiative of the year award for LWIN, The Liv-ex Wine Identification Number. This is the third year in a row that Liv-ex has won the award. Past winners include Wine Matcher, SIB Passport and Instant Transfer.

LWIN is a unique seven-digit code that offers a simple and consistent naming convention for fine wines. Our Supply Chain Initiative in 2018 was to release LWIN as Open Data and give it a Creative Commons (CC) licence. This is a firm commitment from us that the LWIN dictionary will remain free forever, a decision that cannot be reversed. By giving LWIN a Creative Commons licence, other companies (including those who are not Liv-ex members) now have the right to share, use and build upon the dictionary for free.

With this initiative, we hope to improve the fine wine supply chain for all those involved. This is aligned with our mission to make the fine wine market more transparent, efficient and safe for the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole.

For more information on LWIN, click here, or watch our short video below.


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