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Antonio Galloni releases Bordeaux 2016 scores

Yesterday, Antonio Galloni released his full Bordeaux 2016 report, “It’s Now or Never, Baby”. In it, Galloni says that, “the 2016s are absolutely remarkable wines”. However, he warns against drawing parallels with 2009 or 2010, fearing that comparisons are, “mostly an attempt to recreate the hype of those two highly speculative vintages.”

On the market, Galloni alludes to some disenchantment amongst consumers and warns that proprietors will need to be sensible with pricing for the wines to sell through. He suggests that 2016 “presents a great opportunity for owners to gain back a considerable amount of consumer confidence” – if price increases are modest.

In total, seven wines received a potential 100-point score including First Growths Latour and Margaux.

“The market is always right”

Galloni also appeared on Bloomberg yesterday to discuss Bordeaux 2016 and the fine wine market. You can view the interview below:

To read Antonio Galloni’s full report, please click here. To view the Liv-ex critic scores page, click here

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