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Cellar Watch packages

When Cellar Watch was launched as a new standalone website ( back in May 2012, we also updated our account packages.

Previously, there were three packages available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. In the new system there are two: Premium and Pro.

Premium accounts allow users to have unlimited price searches and wine page views, lets them view historical and auction prices, and have one cellar with the ability to add unlimited lines. Pro additionally allows users to see Liv-ex bids, offers and transaction prices, and have unlimited cellars.

Former Silver users were automatically assigned to Premium, and Platinum users to Pro. Former Gold users were temporarily upgraded to Pro because there is not a package that directly replaces Gold.

Once the current subscription expires, any former Gold users can choose whether to have a Premium or Pro account. If you have multiple cellars but choose to downgrade to Premium, you will be able to keep your cellars and still remove or transfer wines from them, but you can only add new wines to one cellar. Renewing your Pro subscription will keep everything the same.

Find out more on the pricing and benefits associated with each package.