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Have Chinese buyers had their fill of Lafite?

By June 22, 2011Bordeaux, Regions

Though it remains one of the wine world's most powerful brands, Lafite's price run appears to  have slowed to a ramble. The chart below shows the price movement of the ten most recent physical vintages of the Premier Cru over the past year. As you can see, price growth was slow in the months to October, but the ex-cellar sale in Hong Kong later that month had a profound impact on demand in late 2010. Bolstered by its spectacular results at auction, Lafite prices accelerated rapidly in November and the index increased by ten per cent. Since February, however, demand has faltered. The post-auction price spike is now behind us and the index has resumed a horizontal path, with prices having increased less than five per cent in the last five months. Will the chateau's 2010 release stimulate renewed demand?


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