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Liv-ex Cellar Watch Packages

With access to more than five million lines of data, Liv-ex possesses the world’s largest standardised database of fine wine prices. As such, we are able to supply a wide range of products to wine professionals and collectors, including our unrivalled Cellar Watch Packages. Unlike standard price comparison or cellar management websites, these packages provide historical data and price charts that allow collectors to track the performance of individual wines over time (as far back as the early 80s for some products). Subscribers are given access to comprehensive price data on almost 100,000 fine wines and are able to accurately monitor the value of their cellars in real-time, relative to cost, equities, selected commodities and Liv-ex indices. Subscribers also receive a monthly market report which provides detailed market information and analysis.

There are currently three levels of subscription:

Cellar Watch Silver: £49.95 per annum
Track up to 25 wines in your cellar and search for current and historic merchant or auction prices.

Cellar Watch Gold: £99.99 per annum
All the benefits of Silver, with the added ability to track 500 wines in three different cellars.

Cellar Watch Platinum: £299.99 per annum
The ultimate fine wine data package, Platinum provides collectors with professional level access to information on the Liv-ex trading platform. View “live” bids, offers and transaction prices. This is the same market data that is used by fine wine merchants globally to make buying and selling decisions. You can also track 1,000 different wines across five different cellars.

Sign up to a Liv-ex Cellar Watch package here.