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Parker’s Asian 100 pointers…

By July 18, 2008Critic Reviews

As we mentioned in a previous post, Robert Parker recently completed a tour of Asia, visiting Japan, Korea and China. For those interested in the region's culinary delights, he has since written an 18-part review of his trip, with full details of all that he ate and drank during a marathon run of official dinners. You can read the report in the Hedonist's Gazette section of his website (subscribers only).

The highlight of the trip was a dinner at the Great Wall of China – at which he gave five wines in a row the full 100-points. As he says: "The Great Wall was illuminated in both directions, and we could probably see 20-25 miles given the clarity that evening. It was a sight I shall never forget. Perhaps that ambiance as well as the historic nature of the event contributed to what some might consider generous scores, but these wines were absolutely out of control. After talking to many of the guests, I do not think my comments are exaggerated – it was just a perfect night – historic, and never to be forgotten."

Overall he gave ten wines 100 points during his trip – four of these having been upgraded from their official Wine Advocate rating. 

A word of warning, however:

The abbreviated, spontaneous, and visceral tasting notes and numerical ratings in this section should not be confused with professional, structured tasting notes from specific peer group tastings or cellar tastings. The Hedonist's Gazette notes emerge from casual get-togethers, with the food and company every bit as important as the wines. I do not consider these tasting comments as accurate or as pure in a professional sense, but they are part of a wine's overall record. In short, focus, so critical in a professional tasting without food or other distractions, is clearly on a different level in such "fun gatherings."    —Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Please see the table below for full details of the scores. The prices for all of these wines can be found by logging on to (HG - Hedonist's Gazette Rating / WA: Official Wine Advocate Rating).

     Vintage     HG WA
  Guigal Cote Rotie Turque 1999  100  100 
  Torbreck Runrig 2003  100  99 
  Shafer Hillside Select Cab Sav 2002  100  100 
  Haut Brion 1989  100  100 
  Taylor 1998  100    98+
  Yquem  2001  100  100 
  Beaucastel CDNP Hommage J Perrin 1998  100  100 
  Mission Haut Brion  1989  100  99 
  Montrose 2003  100  99 
  Guigal Cote Rotie Mouline 1988  100  100