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Comparative performance

By July 10, 2008Fine Wine Market

The Liv-ex 100 was mentioned in a rather interesting survey of the performance of different investment asset classes, compiled by a website concerned with the gold market.

Although the article is mostly concerned with the performance of gold, the writer, Pete Grant, makes a couple of interesting points:

“[The chart] is extremely troubling for most households. The two biggest losers are the asset classes where the vast majority of the net worth of most individuals is wrapped up, equities (stocks, mutual funds, 401ks, etc) and the family home.”

“We've included the Liv-Ex 100 Fine Wine index in this year's survey as a point of interest. Fine wine is an investment generally associated with higher net worth individuals, and its performance is reflective of the broader flow out of paper assets and into tangibles.”

For those interested in the performance of the fine wine market, we have recently updated the Liv-ex 100 web page, including full details of the wines that were removed at the end of June to make way for the Bordeaux 2005s. We have also added a page for our other main index, the Liv-ex 500. Please take a look.