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1998 Right Bank versus 2000

James Suckling recently celebrated 10-years of living in Tuscany and drunk a host of  wines from 1998 to celebrate. Stuck in among the Italian wines was a bottle of Bon Pasteur 1998 from Bordeaux that reminded Suckling 'how great Bordeaux’s Right Bank wines, as well as Pessac-Léognan, were in 1998. This is a monumental vintage'.

He makes the further point:

'Many wines, such as Cheval-Blanc, Pétrus and Le Pin, are clearly better in 1998 than 2000, even though prices are higher for the wines in the latter vintage. Even the president of Cheval-Blanc admits that 1998 is superior to the 2000. And the Thienpont family at Le Pin also agree.'

Suckling also uses the opportunity to release some notes he took at a blind tasting of the 1998 vintage organised by Farr Vintners in London last year, although he makes the point that these are unofficial scores.

See the tables below for a comparison of Suckling's scores from last year (JS – 07) with his official Wine Spectator scores, the majority of which are from 2001(JS), along with scores from Robert Parker and the latest prices from Liv-ex. We have also added a table showing the sames data from the 2000 vintage for comparison. The current price for Haut Brion 1998 looks particularly interesting.

1998 vintage JS – 07 JS RP Price  (£)
Petrus 100 100 98 22,500
Pin 100 100 93 15,250
Haut Brion 98 97 96 2,800
Evangile 98 98 92 1,080
Cheval  97 96 93 5,100

2000 vintage JS RP Price (£)
Petrus 98 100 28,000
Pin 93 98 24,000
Haut Brion 94 98 5,200
Evangile 96 96 1,400
Cheval  93 100 7,600