Support your customer or business with Liv-ex APIs which accelerate everything from price discovery, through trading and payment. These technical solutions help wine merchants grow – efficiently.

Developer resources ready to use

  • LWIN – the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number – is also available for you to use. These numerical codes are universal identifiers for wine, enabling systems to send and receive data seamlessly. LWIN has a Creative Commons license, which guarantees that it will be free forever.
  • Liv-ex offers a sandbox testing environment for you to use free of charge. Contact us for access.
  • Uptime reports are available for you to view online here.
  • A full library of API documents can be accessed here.

Find trading opportunities

There are tens of thousands of products on the market, and their prices are constantly changing. So how can you make sure that you’re finding the best opportunities? Be alerted to price changes and relevant activity by buyers and sellers. 


Automated trading – sell automatically

Our APIs connect stock management systems like MS Business Central or Vintner with Liv-ex so that your wines are advertised for sale on our trading platform automatically. You can set filters and parameters so that you stay in control of what is offered. 


Automated trading – increase your offering

Using just a handful of APIs, you can offer thousands of products from Liv-ex to your customers. These wines, which range from the rarest bottles in the world to everyday drinking wine, are committed to your clients as soon as they place an order. 


Bring prices into your system

When you’re buying and selling wine, or talking to clients, it’s important to know the right price. Often, this means making repetitive online searches – but it doesn’t have to. 

With automation services, you can bring prices from Liv-ex – Market Price, Bid, Offer, last trade, and others – into your internal systems.  


Critic scores icon

Get critic scores automatically

Bring thousands of scores and notes into your system and website automatically. This saves time and ensures total accuracy. All you need is a license with the relevant publication and a Liv-ex Gold membership. This is new service is currently available with Vinous, and you can find the license information here. 


Stay in sync with LWIN

The LWIN database is vast and constantly growing. It contains extensive information – region, sub-region, colour, classification and more – on 100,000 different wines, and it’s constantly growing. 

Using LWIN APIs, you can stay in sync with it automatically – no more manual updates.  


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Ready to integrate with modern cloud and on-premise software

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Offer private client storage

Professional, secure, temperature-controlled warehouse space for your customers who can control their account and manage their reserves via your online portal. A cost-effective, risk-free way to keep your customers engaged. 


Ship wine more efficiently

Add delivery options to your stock management system. Arrange deliveries with a single click rather than rekey customer data time and time again. Reduce the burden of completing paperwork by calling ABV and commodity code values on demand.


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Track your account and financial position

Account APIs bring key financial information, like your trading limits, invoices and net statements, into your own system. You can set up alerts as you reach your trading limits, and view information on which members of your team have access to Liv-ex. All of this makes it more convenient for you to view and monitor your Liv-ex account activity. 


"The biggest benefit of automated trading is the freedom to use our unique environment without consulting the website multiple times a day."

Liv-ex memberAnonymous

Proven results

Case study: How LWIN transformed processes at LCB Vinotheque

Independent study: Trading automation offers “huge advantage” to Liv-ex members

White paper: Automate sales, data insight and logistics with Liv-ex and Bevica

Join the Liv-ex developer community

Receive notifications of updates, new APIs and opportunities and invitations to webinars and seminars. 


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