Our Library of information

Indices services – Display Liv-ex indices on your website

Membership API – Bring bids and offers directly into your own system

Membership API (EUR) – Bring bids and offers directly into your own system in Euros

Best bid/offer push API  – Receive alerts of new bids/offers within your own system

Market Price service – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine

Historic Market Price – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine, at a specific point in history

Market Price difference – The difference between today’s Market Price and the price at a given day in history

Pricing API– Receive current and historic data for any wine in the Liv-ex database into your system on demand

Cellar View – Display the contents of a client sub-account on your website

Cellar View 2 – Keep your stock system in sync with Vine

Direct Market Access – Connect your system with Liv-ex in real time, to keep stock on both systems in sync

Market depth – View the complete market availability for a wine

LWIN services – New and updated LWINs for your system

Ship – Instruct Vine to ship wine direct from your own system

Pre-advice – Send pre-advice directly into the Vine system

Liv-ex professional – Complete pricing for customer reserves

Account Activity API – Access account information such as invoices, sales and purchases from within your own stock management or accounting system

Active Market API – Receive active bid and offer information for any wine in the Liv-ex database

Liv-ex SDK – Integrate Liv-ex software development kits into your website

My Positions API – View your Liv-ex positions (bids and offers) in your own system

Bulk Order Action API – Suspend, reactivate and renew your bids and offers in bulk from within your own system

Heartbeat API – Check that Liv-ex is up and available

Orders API – Place bids and offers on Liv-ex

Order Status API – Check the price and availability of specific bids and offers

Order by UID API – Offer stock stored in the Liv-ex warehouse directly

PUSH Services – Consume alerts generated by Liv-ex systems