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Almaviva 2021 released on La Place de Bordeaux  

  • Almaviva 2021 has been released at €122 per bottle ex-négociant.  
  • The wine was scored 96+ points by The Wine Advocate and 96 points by Vinous.  
  • Second label Epu has also been released at €32 per bottle ex-négociant.  
Image shows the Market Prices and Wine Advocate scores of the past ten vintages of Almaviva.

Almaviva 2021 has been released through La Place de Bordeaux at €122 per bottle ex-négociant, up 5.2% on the 2020 release price (€116 per bottle). The wine is being offered internationally for £1,448 per 12×75. 

Today’s release comes at a premium to others on the market but is still offered at fair value. See more pricing analysis and alternative buying options below.  

Rothschild & Concha Y Toro’s second label, Epu 2021, was also released at €32 per bottle ex-négociant. The wine is offered internationally for £384 per 12×75.  

Critical response 

Almaviva 2021 was rated 96+ points by Luis Gutiérrez of The Wine Advocate, who called the wine ‘sleek’ but ‘still very young and still marked by élevage in oak’.  

Joaquin Hidalgo (Vinous) rated the wine 96 points, praising its ‘enticing nose’ and ‘velvet texture’.  

Fair Value analysis  

The chart above shows that the 2020 vintage, which is rated similarly to the 2021 (96 points) is available at a 17.5% discount to today’s release.  

Almaviva prices are also 69.7% correlated to age, according to Liv-ex’s Fair Value methodology. This means that they tend to follow the traditional pricing pattern for fine wine whereby vintages appreciate in price with the passing of time.  

Looking at the chart below, the new release is offered at fair value. However, some older back vintages of Almaviva come below the fair value line, and already benefit from a few years in bottle. Buyers may want to consider the 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2020 vintages as alternatives to the new release.  

Image is a chart displaying the 69% correlation between Almaviva Market Prices and the wines' age.

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