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Latour 2015 and Forts Latour 2017 released

Latour 2015 pricing analysis  

Today, Chateau Latour Premier Cru Classe, Pauillac 2015 has been released in the UK at £6,300 per 12×75.  

As mentioned in Monday’s analysis (published ahead of the release), a release price of £7,000 would place the wine below the ‘Fair Value’ line when using Wine Advocate scores.  

However, when comparing to Neal Martin scores, we noted that the release price would need to be closer to £5,000.  

Today’s price of £6,300 per 12×75, therefore, might look attractive to Wine Advocate followers, but less exciting for Neal Martin’s.  

Buyers looking for other options might want to consider the 2012 vintage, which sits below the line in both the Neal Martin and Wine Advocate charts.  

*All Latour scores shown are the most recent Neal Martin Vinous scores, with the exception of the 2005, 2007 and 2011 vintages, for which there was none available. For these vintages, Neal Maritn’s Wine Advocate scores were used.  

Forts Latour 2017 pricing analysis  

Les Forts de Latour, Pauillac 2017 has also been released at £1,980 per 12×75.  

As mentioned in yesterday’s analysis, if the wine were to be released for more than £1,740 per case, then the 2014 and 2015 vintages will look more attractice – both wines are available at £1,740 and £1,790 respectively.   

Based on today’s release price of £1,980 per case, buyers of Forts Latour have many options. Not only do the 2014 and 2015 vintage offer better value, but at this price, buyers can purchase the higher-scoring 2009 vintage for the same price (£1,980), or the 2016 vintage for a 3% discount.   

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