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Case study: How to reach a broader audience and sell more wine

By January 26, 2023Burgundy, Fine Wine Market

This Burgundy-based merchant has been selling wine since the 90s. Today, they are active in several markets across Europe, the US, and Asia.  The merchant has historic allocations for several Domaines, both in Burgundy and beyond. For wines outside Burgundy, they sometimes source via La Place. Their client base is mainly professional businesses like importers and HORECAs, but also private collectors.

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Increased sales, visibility and reach

On Liv-ex, merchants can trade with over 600 reputable wine businesses worldwide in total anonymity.

Liv-ex gives you the possibility to be visible while remaining discreet

Senior Broker, Merchant

His relationship with his dedicated broker at Liv-ex has helped grow their exposure; they now have over 1 million euros worth of stock live. This has given him greater visibility and reach in the secondary market.

Liv-ex has helped us reach a broader audience and thus sell more wines.

Senior Broker, Merchant

He emphasises the efficiency and speed of trading on Liv-ex: “It’s like a locomotive: we’re selling a pallet a week, which is both encouraging and engaging.”

Not only are they selling more wines, he says Liv-ex’ credibility and reputation has also made selling wines easier: “Sellers and buyers trust Liv-ex, and because of the relationship and trust we have built together, we can easily rest on you as we know you’ll do what needs to be done…and it will be done correctly!” 

His slow-moving and delicate stock has become easier to sell, thanks to the efforts of his Broker at Liv-ex.

All this has helped them hit a record number in the first quarter of 2021, propelling Liv-ex into their top five clients.

Logistics and settlement made easy

“Logistics is often a complicated part of the trade, but Liv-ex makes it very easy: you sell under SIB, place your stock on a pallet, which will be collected within a week – and you receive the money within 14 days”. This is compared to a situation where with multiple suppliers, it takes longer to receive the wine and build the stock, meaning it can take up to 6 months before the end customer gets the pallet.

Liv-ex takes care of the trade from start to finish. In addition to a dedicated Broker and Account Manager, members also get a Logistics Manager, who is on hand to resolve any settlement issues, should they arise.

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Sourcing cheaper stock

Next year, this merchant is looking to start buying on Liv-ex too. He is aware that he’s currently buying at high prices, and knows that he can source stock for less on Liv-ex.

He appreciates the benefits Liv-ex has helped his business achieve and believes the relationship will continue to bear fruits in the future:

Together, we’ve become a war machine

Senior Broker, Merchant


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