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By May 12, 2022Fine Wine Market
  • Some great wines can prove trickier for some merchants to sell. 
  • These include wines tied to strict allocations and new and emerging regions.   
  • Many of these have recently traded on Liv-ex, which provides an easy route to the global market.

As the market is expanding, wines that have previously been considered difficult to sell are now trading actively.  

New and emerging regions 

In recent years, various new regions have entered the secondary market and are trading regularly. Much of Italy’s broadening, for instance, has come from regions not typically associated with the secondary market, like Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Puglia, Sardinia, and Sicily. 

Wines from Hungary, Slovenia, Crimea and Armenia have also found buyers on Liv-ex. Businesses looking to sell wines from these lesser-known regions can offer their wines on the global marketplace and expand their distribution.  

Allocation wines  

Merchants seeking a strictly allocated wine might sometimes have to take on other wines in order to secure it.  

For example, many lucky enough to receive an allocation of the highly sought after First Growth Château Lafite Rothschild during En Primeur will also be tied into buying Château Rieussec.  

Although Sauternes is often praised by critics as a source of great value, it is sometimes perceived as being somewhat of a hard sell.  

However, wines from Sauternes trade actively on Liv-ex and there are currently several active markets for Château Rieussec.   

Château Rieussec bids and offers on Liv-ex (as at 10/05/2022) 

Another similar example includes the wines of Maison Leroy that are often tied to allocations of Domaine Leroy.  

Take Maison Leroy Bourgogne Rouge 2017, for example. The wine regularly trades on Liv-ex and has risen 38.9% in price since release, as the chart below shows. 

Maison Leroy Bourgogne Rouge 2017 trades on Liv-ex 

Liv-ex members can take advantage of over 11,260 LIVE opportunities to sell on the exchange. 

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