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LIVE Opportunities: Ridge stays above the California 50 pack

California continues to make strides in the secondary market, with Ridge proving the best-performer in the California 50 index over the last year.

  • The California 50 is up 15% over the past year. 
  • Ridge is the leading label, followed by Screaming Eagle. 
  • The California Report is being made available to all today. 

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 Like Tuscany and Piedmont, California has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the secondary market. 

The state had a 10% share of the market in September and an 11.8% share of total trade so far in October. 

The California 50 index is up 15.8% over the last year (September 2020-September 2021) and its constituent labels are all positive over the same stretch. 

Ridge the top-performer

Ridge in particular has proved the standout. It has seen its prices rise 22.7% over one year, with Screaming Eagle up 18.9%. 

The other three wines, Dominus, Harlan and Opus One, are all up 9%, meanwhile. 

California Report goes free-for-all

We published an in-depth look at the market for Californian wines earlier this year. Originally for members only, it is being made available for all to read today. 

For all California LIVE opportunities, click here. 

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