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LIVE Opportunities: The Rhône 100 is no longer under-performing

The Rhône 100 is the second-best performing Liv-ex 1000 sub-index over the past 18-months, trailing only the Champagne 50. 

The Rhône 100 had previously been known as the perennial under-performer, but the tide appears to be turning. 

This July, eight of the 10 wines in the Rhône 100 index saw a positive performance across their 10 vintages. The two wines that saw declines, meanwhile, only saw an average downward movement of less than 1%. 

Partially due to the Rhône’s underperformance, the wines in the index offer one of the cheapest entry points into fine wine. Even more so in the Southern Rhône, whose average prices are less than half that of the Northern Rhône on average. Over the past three years, however, that gap has narrowed. 

The Rhône 100 components can be seen in the table above, along with their vintages included in the index and their average performance for July 2021. 

Charted below are the Liv-ex 1000 sub-indices since January 2020 and how all indices doing can always be seen on our dedicated indices page. 

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