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Bordeaux 2014: the best-rated “off” vintage of the modern era

  • The 2014s are the best-rated Bordeaux “off” vintage since 2005.
  • They are the second lowest-priced vintage since 2005 at present.
  • Neal Martin’s best-rated wines in 2014 received similar scores in 2020 but the 2020s come with a significant premium.

A recent Market Update highlighted the value currently offered by the 2014 Bordeaux vintage.

Compared with its peers such as 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2017, the 2014s are the best-rated “off” vintage since 2005.

Taking an average of its ratings from the major critics, the 2014s score a respectable 92.6. The next closest “off” vintage is the 2012 with an average of 91.9. BY way of further comparison, even some “great” vintages such as 2005 have averages of just 93.

The 2014s were released with an average ex-London price of £781 per dozen, the cheapest average from 2009-2020. Even the 2013s were 3.7% more expensive on average (£810) despite having by far the worst average score between 2005-2020 (89, lower even than the 2007s).

With an average Market Price today of £1,048 (12×75), 2014 is the second cheapest, post-2005 vintage one can buy (the 2013s are the cheapest).

Furthermore, with an average increase in Market Prices of 34.2% since release, the 2014s have offered the best returns of any vintage post-2008.

Compelling opportunities

Where do buying opportunities lie therefore? Comparing Benchmark Critic Neal Martin’s top-rated 2014s with their 2020 counterparts is an interesting exercise.

Martin’s top rated 2014 was Mouton-Rothschild with 97-points. Angélus, Cos d’Estournel, La Mission-Haut-Brion, Montrose and Vieux Château Certan were all rated 96.

Comparing scores from those estates against their 2020s, only La Mission Haut-Brion has definitely been rated in a higher bracket (97-99) and Vieux Château Certain has the potential to be rated higher than its 2014 (96-98).

Montrose’s 2020 vintage is yet to be rated by Martin but Angélus, Cos d’Estournel and Mouton all have a chance to end up with an in-bottle score equal to their 2014s. Time will tell if this is the case.

What is certainly clear from the table, is that these 2020s carry a significant premium to their 2014s.

Cos d’Estournel 2014 for example has a current Market Price of £980 per dozen, while its 2020 is currently priced at £1,780.

Montrose was considered a standout wine of the 2014 vintage. In his in-bottle tasting note, Martin called it, “crafted with real panache to create a modern classic”. He scored it 96-points. It is currently priced at £1,000 per dozen.

The 2014 La Mission Haut-Brion (£1,506) is currently half as expensive as the 2020 (£3,020).

LIVE opportunities

The 2014s are not, as a group, worthy of being hailed as a “great” vintage. On an individual level, however, there are wines that are clearly capable of being ranked alongside much more vaunted years – and with attractive prices to boot.

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