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‘Rest of the World’ leads LX1000 in April

  • LX1000 rose over 1% in April taking the Index to new highs.
  • Rest of the World 60 was the best-performing sub-index in April.
  • The Bordeaux 500 and Italy 100 both look to have gained momentum since the start of the year, though the Champagne 50 has slowed.

The benchmark index rose 1.34% to close at 369.96. March’s close marked its highest ever level – April leading it into previously uncharted territory. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 also rose last month.

The Rest of the World 60 index was the best-performing sub-index, up 2.8% driven by some strong activity around Screaming Eagle. The Burgundy 150 (+1.6%) and Bordeaux Legends 40 (+1.2%) followed in its wake.

No indices dipped in April, and now all of the sub-indices are up year-to-date and over one year.

The Champagne 50 remains the best-performing index within the Liv-ex 1000, though it had the quietest April overall and has had a relatively calm few months.

US Buying

US buyers continue to be engaged.  There are now just two months left in the four-month tariff truce between the US and EU announced in March. Bordeaux and Burgundy remain in their sights.

The Bordeaux 500 has enjoyed a good couple of months. The region’s trade share by value growing stronger through the course of April, perhaps in anticipation of price hikes on the new 2020 release.

The Italy 100 too, looks to have shaken off a slow start to the year and has now put in a pair of strong months. Its performance over one year shows a gain of 11.3%, almost double its standing in February when it was up just 6.8%.