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LIVE opportunities: Champagne’s first quarter performance

  • Dom Pérignon has been the leading Champagne brand sold by volume and value in the first quarter of the year; led by trade for the 2010 vintage.
  • Champagne prices are strongly linked to age, with average prices for newer wines being £1,500 per case, rising to £2,500 for 1990s-era vintages and £4,500 for those from the 1980s.
  • There has been a 27% increase in the number of Champagne brands traded versus Q1 last year and there is £1.8m in LIVE Champagne offers at present.

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Moët & Chandon’s Dom Pérignon led the Champagne market in the first quarter by both trade value and volume, as well as, one year price performance. The wine’s newest vintages are finding the most trade, but the older vintages are seeing increased price performance.

Vintage variation

Dom Pérignon 2010 proved the most popular vintage in the market during first quarter of 2021. It was released in July of 2020 for £1,240, the same opening price of the 2008, released in January 2019. Yet while the 2008 vintage last traded slightly above its release price, the 2010 vintage last traded at £1,180 per 12×75.

Across the broader Champagne market, vintages 2008, 2010, 2012, and NV were at the top of the charts for value and volume in the first quarter.

Old and gold

Charted below, using the wines of the Champagne 50, is the average market price per vintage plotted against the age of the wine in years. Market prices of Champagne have an 81% correlation with the age of the wine.

Average market prices for ‘90s vintages are all above £2,000 per 12×75, whereas average prices for wines from the new millennium come in around £1,500 per 12×75. Going further back, prices of Champagnes from the ‘80s average around £4,500. Champagne can often reward the patient.

A breadth of offers

Nearly 200 different Champagnes have traded on the market in the first four months of 2021 – a 27% increase on the same period in 2020. Trade prices have ranged from £175 per 12×75 all the way up to £31,000 per 12×75. There is currently £1.86m in LIVE Champagne offers with 52 LIVE offers for the 2002 vintage alone.