LIVE opportunities: Champagne is on its best one-year run since mid-2017

The Champagne 50 is up 12.7% over the past 12 months and is enjoying its best one-year performance since August 2017.

The region is currently firing on all cylinders:

  • Champagne has a bid to offer ratio of 1.65 (generally a ratio above 0.50 points to positive sentiment in the market).
  • The region offers one of the cheapest entry points into the fine wine market (see table).
  • The new releases are liquid and readily accessible (three of the top five most traded wines by value in 2020 were newly released Champagnes).
  • The region has critical backing – Champagne has one of the tightest box and whisker plots (see below). The best of Champagne will reach 100 points while the lower bound only reaches down to 92 points, with no outliers.
  • The region often offers the choice of white or rosé – we have noted a 250% year-on-year increase in trade by value for the latter.
  • Large formats of Champagne carry one of the largest premiums among fine wines.

So far this year, Champagne trade by value is up nearly 60% over the equivalent period in 2020, with a significant increase in the number of unique wines trading and the number of unique buyers.

Perhaps those roaring ‘20s that the commentariat are so fond of predicting really are ahead of us?

There is currently £5.4m in Champagne exposure on your Exchange – a record high to choose from.

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