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2020 Power 100: Leroy regains the top spot

The fifteenth edition of the Power 100 has now been released. Produced in conjunction with the Drinks Business, the Power 100 is a list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market.

Key findings:

  • Leroy ranked in the top 50 for all categories, bar volumes traded and has now ranked in the top five overall for the third year running.
  • The market broadened further in the year, from 996 brands and 6,367 wines in 2019 to 1,420 brands and 8,735 wines in 2020.
  • Italy saw the largest gain in brands in the Power 100, adding nine, to reach a total of 17, cutting its deficit to Burgundy by half.
  • The First Growths declined from 2019, with only one brand (Haut Brion) holding on to a top 10 spot – price performance proved to be their Achilles heel.
  • There was a general shift in regional market share by value, with Bordeaux and Burgundy falling and Italy, Champagne and Rest of the World, all rising.
  • The largest risers in the Power 100 came from a mixture of Italy and the Rest of the World (United States, Australia, Germany) – four Super Tuscans reached new highs.

Full coverage of the Power 100 can be found in the December edition of the Drinks Business magazine and on their website here.

Top 50:



To calculate the scores, we took a list of all wines that traded on Liv-ex in the last year (from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020) and grouped these by brand. As last year, Burgundy labels with both maisons and domaines were combined as one. It then identified brands that had traded at least three wines or vintages, and had a total trade value of at least £10,000. Brands were ranked using four criteria: year-on-year price performance (based on the market price for a case of wine on 1 October 2019 with its market price on 30 September 2020); trading performance on Liv-ex (by value and volume); number of wines and vintages traded; and average price of the wines in a brand. More than 8,700 different wines/vintages were traded on the exchange. These were grouped into 1,420 brands, of which 326 qualified for the final calculation. The individual rankings were combined with a weighting of 1 for each criteria, except trading performance, which had a weighting of 1.5 (because it combined two criteria).