LIVE opportunities: ensure your stock is LIVE for the Holidays

We’ve made it easier to renew your bids and offers over the holiday period.

For those of you that can’t peel yourselves away from the work desk, Liv-ex will remain fully open throughout the holiday period. This means you can continue to take advantage of a record number of bids and offers and rest easy as we enter the new world of Brexit, as highlighted most recently by Harpers.

However, for those of you taking time off, we have extended the “renew” period in “Your Positions”. This will allow you to renew any bids or offers that are expiring in the next 20 days (increased from seven days). So, before you log-off for the holidays, check to see if any positions are expiring within 20 days, hit renew and let your stock work for you while you rest.

The festive season might be viewed as something akin to very long weekend. Throughout this year there has been a large increase in weekend trade, driven by the increase of LIVE offers being matched by merchant’s customers, using trade automation. So, for those of you closing up shop, please do upload any and all stock that you would like to see sold between now and the New Year.

(For Silver, Gold and Black members you can add stock in bulk by using Wine Matcher. If you need any advice around this, or simply a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager).

If you have any questions or concerns over the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to touch base with the sales team. And to those of you taking your festive break from today, we wish you a very Happy Christmas.

Below is a link to LIVE offers of Blue-chip Bordeaux – ranked by discount to Market Price.

New Blue-chip Bordeaux opportunities