LIVE opportunities: the best year for spirits

Capped off by the most diverse spirits offerings in Liv-ex history.

Spirits has been a segment of secondary market trade that has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

LIVE exposure of spirits now stands at over £1.12m, having tripled year-to-date, as seen in the chart below.

Of those spirits, Whisky provides the largest offerings – from both Scotland and Japan:

But the opportunities do not end there. If your taste is for something from the Americas, there is:

Maintaining that same spirit of adventure, there is a Rhum from the Caribbean, gin from the Black Forest and an assortment of Cognacs available.

Since 2013, when the first spirit changed hands on the platform, your Exchange has become a more diverse marketplace and spirits have played their role.

There are a number of noteworthy spirits offers highlighted above and an even greater offering linked below.

All LIVE spirits offers