Liv-ex 1000 runs flat in November

By December 4, 2020Fine Wine Market, Indices

The Liv-ex 1000 index – our broadest measure of the market – closed November on 352.68, up just 0.06%. This marks the sixth positive month in a row for the index. It is now up 1.31% year to date.

Within the Liv-ex 1000, the Champagne 50 and Italy 100 continued their lead. The two sub-indices were up 2.23% and 2.43% in November, respectively, with strong performances from Salon Le Mesnil 2006 (+12.8%) and Gaja Sperss 2015 (+12.3%).

Due to a combination of increased confidence the in the fine wine market, exemption from US tariffs and a run of successful vintages, the Champagne 50 and Italy 100 are also the best performing sub-indices year to date, up 8.27% and 6.72% respectively.

This months’ biggest fallers were the Bordeaux Legends 40 (-1.32%) and the Rest of the World 60 (-2.43%). Christmas demand saw an increase in in Taylor’s Port, particularly the 1997 (+19.2%) and 2000 (+15%) vintages. However, despite this strong performance, the Rest of the World index was largely brought down by its Australian components. Penfolds Grange 2007, for example, was down -10.5% as escalating trade wars between Australia and China dampened demand.

Stay tuned. Next week Liv-ex will be publishing our annual report of the fine wine market in 2020. Click here to reserve your copy. 

About the Liv-ex 1000

The Liv-ex 1000 index tracks the price performance of 1,000 wines from across the world using the Liv-ex Mid-Price, which is the most robust measure for pricing wines available in the market. It is calculated by finding the midpoint between the current highest bid price and lowest offer price on the Liv-ex trading platform. Each price is then verified by our valuation committee to ensure that the number is robust after taking into account all data at our disposal, including merchant offer prices and historical Liv-ex transaction prices.

For more information on the Liv-ex 1000 index and to download its components, please click here.