LIVE opportunities: Volume Whisky offers (many below auction prices)

Including double the selection of offers from the month prior.

The first trade of Scotch Whisky on Liv-ex was 16 bottles of Macallan Highland Single Malt Reflexion in 2016 for £495 per bottle. Just two years later, the same whisky traded at £600 per bottle – cementing a 21.2% return over a two-year period. Now in 2020, that same bottle has a market price of £725 – another 20% increase over two years. Were whisky to be considered a mainstream financial asset, the stampede seeking these types of returns would surely wake the dead.

And it is difficult to say the above example in anomaly. Whisky trade has seen a boom this year, further shaking the auction markets and setting countless world records in the process. Just two days ago, a bottle of Irish Whisky set a new world record for the highest price achieved for a maiden bottling sold at auction, selling for US$60,000 in Texas.

All this suggests the market for whisky is maturing and the secondary market is growing because of it. Today, whisky trades through your exchange are ten times what they were in 2016, while the number of unique buyers has doubled. The whiskies on offer have also expanded, along with the broader market, leading to a 50% increase in distinct whiskies traded (LWIN11) this year.

Below are 30 LIVE offers on your exchange, the majority are available ‘special – one week’.

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