LIVE opportunities: Neal Martin’s upgraded Montrachet

Neal Martin’s highest scored Joseph Drouhin is a vintage he tasted for the first time.

Neal Martin’s highest scored Joseph Drouhin wines from his most recent report Joseph Drouhin “Monty and Moose are:

Although many of Neal’s favourites came from the late 20th century, a key take home for him from the tasting was that “the introduction of better vineyard husbandry, entwined with biodynamic viticulture incepted in 1988, has led to much better wines”. He added “these things take time. The fruits of so-called “tiny footsteps in the vineyard” can be tasted both literally and figuratively in recent vintages”.

Joseph Drouhin Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche (‘08-’17) was added to the Liv-ex 1000 this year as a member of the Burgundy 150 and just like the wines themselves, the individual wine index needed some time.

Faced with difficult market conditions, the Joseph Drouhin index dropped 10% in four months. Those taking a long-term view, as Neal Martin did with the drinking windows of many of these wines, will see that Joseph Drouhin has posted a strong rebound from April lows and currently offers a discounted entry into a strong index,  the Burgundy 150 – up 51% over the past four years.

Trade in White Burgundy is up 12.5% year over year and Joseph Drouhin, as the third highest traded white Burgundian wine, has been a benefactor of the rising tide.

Joseph Drouhin Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche Active markets

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