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Calling UK Wine Businesses: Your industry needs you

The WSTA is calling upon all UK wine businesses to take immediate action to protect your business, your staff and your consumers.

Please write to your MP urgently. Here’s how and why.

VI-1 forms are coming

With help from Liv-ex, the WSTA has been working hard to remove the impending threat of VI-1 wine import forms, which are due to be introduced for imports of EU wine to the UK. As it currently stands, these will be imposed when the UK leaves the EU in eleven weeks’ time, on January 1st. Their impact will be catastrophic for the UK wine trade, as this recent report from an All-Party Parliamentary Wine & Spirit Group concludes.

The WSTA has been urging us all to apply pressure on the UK Government if we are to avoid these unnecessary consequences on all of our businesses.

Progress so far

Much progress has been made by WSTA Chief Executive Miles Beal ([email protected]) and his team:

Despite this, they believe that the Government is yet to understand the potential damage that these forms will have on UK jobs and consumers.

How to help

Please write to your MP, even if you have already done so. Here is everything you need:

Draft letters to MPs (please use the most appropriate letter for your business):

Useful info:

Join the WSTA

To help [email protected] and his team to continue championing our cause, they need our financial support too. Please join your trade body today.

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