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Unique wines traded reaches all time high

The Liv-ex August Market Report has been published exclusively for members on our Silver tier package or higher. The following is an extract.

Unique wines traded reaches all time high

The month of July saw tremendous growth in the number of distinct wines traded. The number of actual wine labels (LWIN7s*) traded broke through 1,000 for the first time. The ever-expanding list of distinct wines came at the expense of Bordeaux, whose market share fell to a new low of 40.7%. However, wines from the region were the most traded – Petrus 1989 by value and Chateau Mille Roses Haut Medoc 2012 the most by volume.

For the first time this year both the Liv-ex 100 and Liv-ex 1000 posted positive gains in the month. Within the Liv-ex 1000, the ROW60 led, up 1.32%, followed by the Burgundy 150 (1.31%). The Champagne 50 continued its impressive year-to-date performance, increasing 1.19% on the month – now up 3.35% YTD. The Bordeaux-dominated Fine Wine 50 and the Bordeaux 500 both drifted slightly.

Trade volumes stayed near the record levels set in April earlier this year. Rosé sales hit a high in July as we head into the middle of summer. Multiple whiskies, sherries, and brandies all saw trade activity this month. Additionally, the USTR announced that sparkling wine would not be included in any new 25% tariffs – set to be revisited again in January 2021.

The full report contains additional Liv-ex research and analysis:

  • Major market movers: The New World and Burgundy
  • Chart of the month: LWIN11s traded by region – year-to-date
  • Critical corner: Jane Anson revisits the 2000 vintage
  • Final thought: Italy – increased expansion

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* LWINs are unique 7, 11, 16 or 18-digit codes. The 7-digit code refers to the wine itself (i.e. the producer and brand, grape or vineyard). The longer codes include information about the vintage, bottle and pack size. Find out more here.