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Chris Kissack releases Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur report

Chris Kissack wrapped up his Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur coverage, publishing Primeur Picks on his website, The report is a cumulation of the regional reports, which contained scores and analysis, posted throughout this year’s campaign.

Like many other critics, Kissack tasted the barrel samples from the privacy of his house, in Scotland. After making it through the “truckload” of wines he concluded that 2019 was “excellent but not a truly great vintage”, and added it was “neither a left bank nor a right bank vintage”.

Kissack ranked the newest release behind 2005 and 2016 with the caveat, 2019 is “one of the best of the rest”. He found one instance of potential perfection in 2019, Chateau Mouton Rothschild. However, this is down significantly from 2018 where nine wines touched with perfection. Kissack explains this is “an indication of the slightly more relaxed and lighter-brighter style the 2019 vintage possesses”.

“Overall, this is not a vintage for white wines”, explained Kissack. “I don’t find in this vintage the acidity I need to enjoy a dry white wine”, he further included. Although for sweet wines, he adds they are “a little more promising […] but here it is really only the top wines that are of great interest”.

Kissack’s top ranked wines can be seen in the chart below and his complete Bordeaux 2019 coverage can be found here.