Tatler Malaysia – 5 of the priciest wines in the world – that aren’t from Burgundy

By June 26, 2020Press coverage

“It’s thus somewhat unexpected that Burgundy as an investment category has not performed especially well over the past year. Arguably it’s so absurdly expensive at this point that it has less room to grow, although I’ve heard that argument before (and the 5-year performance of Liv-Ex’s Burgundy 150 still trounces all the other indices with 76.99% growth vs. 30.56% for Bordeaux Legends).

Meanwhile, the only Liv-Ex indices that have seen growth over the past year are the Italy 100 and Champagne 50, though the latter has seen the weakest month-on-month growth of the various indices (it seems people just aren’t feeling especially bubbly of late).”

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