Montrose 2019 has been released at €96 per bottle ex-négociant, down 24.1% on the 2018 release price (€126.4). The wine is being offered at £1,204 per 12×75, a 22.8% decrease from the 2018 release of £1,560 a case.

Jane Anson (Decanter) awarded 98 points, describing the wine as “a masterclass in the flavours and aromatics that you expect in a great Medoc wine”.

The wine was also one of Jean-Marc Quarin’s highest scored at 97 points.

Prices for Montrose have a 79% correlation to ‘Benchmark Critic’ scores. Today’s release comes to the market above a number of physical vintages. The wine would need a barrel score of between 96-97 for it to be placed on the fair value line. A number of wines fall below the fair value line, hinting at good value, including 2006, 2008, 2014 and 2016.

(Montrose did not ship samples to distant shores so there will be no notes from those based outside of Bordeaux).

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