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LWIN’s big upgrade – Get the drinks (information) flowing even faster

Illustration of how LWIN facilitates tradeIt’s now easier than ever to get drinks (information) flowing faster. That’s because LWIN – the universal identifier for wine and spirits – has been very significantly upgraded.

LWIN provides unique codes to 82,000 different wines and spirits – and counting. When you account for different vintages, the number is closer to 450,000 individual wines. This standardisation makes it easy to report and share accurate information with a global network of LWIN users.

You might have heard that LWIN was already doing good things. Antonio Galloni called it “a significant contribution to the world of fine wine”. The Drinks Business has called it innovative, generous and selfless.

At Liv-ex, we’ve been convinced of its potential to transform the drinks trade since its introduction in 2011. So convinced, in fact, that we committed to making it free forever, for everyone, in 2017.

So what’s new today? Well, quite a few things.

A better LWIN

First, the LWIN Dictionary, which is the giant list of all LWINs, has been significantly upgraded. You can now view updated display names for tens of thousands of wines. They’re intuitive, consistent and clear – the sort of thing you can use to name wines on your website, if you like.

You can also access detailed information for each wine, such as region, subregion and classification. It’s easy to bring this into your system, along with the LWIN number, and use it to create search filters.

Match your list for free with Wine Matcher

You can now match your list of wines to LWIN quickly and for free. That’s because we’re offering you free (but limited) access to Wine Matcher for a one-month period.

You simply upload your wine list and LWINs will be added. Liv-ex members can also use it to add a wide range of price points to lists.

New resources to help you get started

There is now plenty of information online to help you get started with LWIN.

The new Guide to LWIN gives you an introduction to what LWIN is, how it works, and what you can do with it. Once you’ve read that, the implementation guide – a bit like a manual – will tell you everything you need to know to get going, step by step.

And more..

You can now search for LWINs online using our widget, stay in sync with LWIN updates automatically using APIs, and request new LWINs online (if you’re a Liv-ex member).

Explore more

All of this – and the simple steps for getting started – are on our new LWIN web pages. You can explore them here.

Happy L-winning!