Finding the right wine, at the right price, can be tough. Liv-ex is for the trade only and always will be. Membership connects you with the global market, making it easier to price, buy and sell wine...and easier to grow your business.

Unrivalled opportunities to buy

Liv-ex membership lets you access the world’s largest marketplace for fine wine. Choose from over £30m of wines listed for sale with confirmed availabilityranging from everyday drinking wine to old, fine and rare bottles. Pass this choice on to your customers without tying up any capital.

Sell to a global marketplace - easily

When you list wine on Liv-ex, it’s seen by 580+ trusted merchant members around the world – and their customers – 24/7/365. There are no listing fees, making it the fastest and easiest way to sell. You list anonymously and when your wine is sold, we ensure quick and efficient payment.

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Enjoy supply chain economies

Logistics and payment can be complicated – especially if you want to maximise sales by doing business with a large number of customers and suppliers. 

Liv-ex makes it simple. All trade is supported by a safe, easy and cost-efficient international transport network. Payments are only made to and from us. This makes it simple and safe for you to do business. 

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Pricing data at your fingertips

Membership gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine price information, and the only source of data based on real merchant transactions.  

With accurate data, you can make smart buying and selling decisions and keep your customers informed about the value of their portfolios.  

The smartest way to price, buy and sell wine

“The ability to access investment-grade wines in one place saves us an enormous amount of time on cash collection and logistics.”

Jamie GrahamBrunswick Fine Wines

Accelerate with automation

Liv-ex offers support for your tech team and around 42 APIs which help you accelerate processes from price discovery to payment. You can list your wine on the market automatically or offer wines from Liv-ex on to your customers directly. It’s the most efficient way to grow your business. 

Price and source efficiently

Wine Matcher can add price data to your Excel lists at a speed of 5,000-10,000 lines per minute. You can use it to find the best opportunities on supplier lists and create valuations for your customers. 

Faster & more accurate information

LWIN keeps drinks (information) flowing. By providing universal codes, it works behind the scenes in businesses worldwide to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language about products. It’s free and easy to use – and always will be.

The smartest way to price, source and sell wine



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