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Liv-ex provides an outsourced logistics service to facilitate the efficient settlement of trades on the global marketplace. Here you’ll find details of our charges, our collection, delivery and insurance options, our terms and conditions, and risk statement.

Tariffs (from January 2024)

Settlement fees

Price per unit (USD)

Delivery to Liv-ex London/Bordeaux/Belgium


Collection from Liv-ex London/Bordeaux/Beaune (JFH)/Belgium


Liv-ex collects from you (except Switzerland)


Liv-ex collects from you (Switzerland)


The settlement fee includes storage on purchases for three months, insurance and handling fees.

Standard charges


Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

London/Bordeaux/Belgium per month or part thereof per unit received



Hong Kong per week or part thereof per unit received 



Handling fees (incl. Instant transfers)

Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

Goods in



Goods out 



* Trading tariffs apply for members who regularly trade on Liv-ex. Standard tariff applies to those who don't.
All prices are per unit

Optional charges

SIB Passport and photos

Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

SIB Passport and photo **recommended



Photo only/Duty Paid photos



**(1) For wines sold on the exchange whilst the passport is valid this charge is credited. (2) If requested pre arrival this includes the in/out handling charge and 3 months storage worth up to $10.13.


Please see below

Repacking charges 

Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

Replacing damaged lids 



Repacking into plain cardboard case



Styrofoam cases



Export documents

Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

Standard commercial invoice and packing list



Certificate of origin per certificate



Courier admin fee per DHL, FedEx or similar



Stock take services

Trading Tariff*

Standard Tariff

Requested stock take $390 minumum charge



Part of Liv-ex annual stock take audited by Venners or similar



Any additional labour services not stated here will be charged at $84.38 per hour (Trading Tariff) / $168.75 (Standard Tariff) - minimum 4hr charge.
All prices are exclusive of UK VAT and are subject to change.

Risk statement

Liv-ex provides an outsourced logistics service to facilitate the settlement of trades. All services are provided on a best endeavours basis. While we are proud of the quality, accuracy and efficiency of the services we provide; owning, storing and transporting fine wine carries risks and is not immune to human error. Liv-ex offers a range of services, including third party insurance, to help you mitigate and manage these business risks. However, this document should not be mistaken for a guarantee or to imply that Liv-ex is underwriting your business risks. These lie with you at all times. Unless specifically stated that a risk is covered, we suggest that you assume that it is not. Liv-ex is trading under UKWA and BIFA standard terms & conditions and our liability is limited by these terms.

Liv-ex insurance

We offer a three-tiered insurance policy. Please read the below options carefully and the insurance document provided so that you can choose which cover is best for you. Our liability is limited to that of BIFA and UKWA.

Option 1: No insurance

To opt out of insurance, please contact your Account Manager.

Key insurance facts

Option 2: Standard insurance (default option)

$18.00 per month (Trading Tariff) / $36.00 per month (Standard Tariff) policy fee plus 0.020% of average monthly stock value. Please read our insurance policy for more information.

Option 3: Premium insurance

$18.00 per month (Trading Tariff) / $36.00 per month (Standard Tariff) policy fee plus 0.0275% of average monthly stock value.

A basic example of our premium insurance can be found below.

  1. Your cellar has an average monthly value* of $1,000,000. Maximum settlement in the event of a total loss would be up to $1,500,000.
  2. In the event of a partial loss i.e. $1,000 according to the Liv-ex market value, there is a 50% uplift, so the claim would be up to $1,500.

Please read our insurance policy for more information.

*All valuations are to the Liv-ex market value at the time of incident/loss. In any event, the claim would be no greater than the loss suffered. Where a claim is made under the Premium insurance for more than the Liv-ex market value, you will need to provide evidence to justify the increased amount.

Collections and deliveries

UK deliveries

Standard UK deliveries and collections occur during working hours. For details, please see the tariff below: UK distribution tariff 2024

For more information on UK deliveries, including express and same day delivery, please see our website.

European collections

In order to use the European collections services, you will need to follow the packing instructions below:

To find out if you qualify for this service, please speak to your account manager.

Hong Kong deliveries for purchases on the exchange

Prices for our weekly air freight to Hong Kong are as follows and subject to change:

  • $56.27 per unit

For wines not purchased on Liv-ex, there will be a minimum charge of $300 per order.

Terms and conditions

A fair usage policy exists for our services which we consider to be for trading on Liv-ex or wines intended for storage in our facilities. This will be used at our discretion.

All storage services provided are handled under and subject to United Kingdom Warehouse Association terms and conditions.

United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA)

Contract conditions for logistics

All transport services provided are handled under and subject to British International Freight Association terms and conditions.

British International Freight Association (BIFA)

Standard trading conditions



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