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Burgundy 2022 – Hair of the dog 

On paper, the Burgundy 2022 vintage is everything producers and buyers were after: good quality, highly-rated wines in decent volumes (at least, in comparison to 2021).  

A little over a year into a correction that has seen the benchmark fine wine indices record double-digit declines, the Burgundy market desperately needed some good news. It needed a decent yield to satiate a dangerously thin market – it got that, to the relief of growers and merchants alike. It needed decent quality to help move the greater volumes of wine at the region’s now elevated prices. According to critics, it got that too. And some. The cherry on the cake would be prices that encouraged buyers, old and new, to participate and clear the stock available.  

In this report, we cover:

  • Critics’ and the trade’s view on the 2022 vintage
  • The state of the Burgundy market
  • An overview of Burgundy trade
  • A look into the evolving distribution system

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